Autodesk ForceEffect App Reviews

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Great program for checking calls on

Great program for management checks on design outputs


Works great for simple stuff. I bet it could get pretty complex if you mess around with it!

how is this free?!?!?!?!?

This is the most exciting engineering app Ive seen! Ive just started to play with it so Ive yet to really push the limits but from what Ive seen so far the UI is very intuitive. I love how you can model ontop of a picture. Things it is missing that would be aswesome to add. -cable / tension or compression only members -springs -deflections, including being able to apply your own forced deflection. -and 3D of course. Space frames FTW! In any rate you have a winner on your hands autodesk.

Tip of the iceberg!

This app as I see is just the beginning of a revolution. First time an structural engineering app is designed human-centric. When I showed it to few colleagues, got negative response that they were smarter and did not need such an app for daily tasks. Whatever this app can do simplistically, they could pull it out of their mental acumen. Anything that involved multiple load cases or redundant structures, they will use more reliable and time tested software. Or setup a excel spreadsheet or mathcad if the calculation is repetitive. I love the app for its ability of the app to generate the reactions instantly, generate a formal but consist report that can be tagged along with other calculations. My argument is if it takes 10 minutes to solve something manually or 20 minutes to properly input and solve in other major software, this app can be used to solve it in about a minute. I have been using it since i discovered it and has saved the hassle of both setting up simple models, or spreadsheets and or cleanup a auto-generated exhaustive reports. I maintain software agnostic mindset, but this app is great for me. This is from Autodesk, do we need to question their reliability?


Very buggy, poorly implemented user interface, almost unusable


Great app! Use it to help teach Strengths of Material class. Finds Max Moment very quickly. Accuracy is right on vs all of my hand calculations. I see many, many uses for this app!

Very useful

Great tool for quick checks. You will have to get use to the sensitivity. Be patient.

Great App

Autodesk has done a great job. I teach Statics & this is a great tool. The reports are also superb. I would like to see an easier way to record angles on members.

Awesome product

Autodesk has done it again! Love the stuff you keep coming up with. Please keep it up

Ipad Statics app great

Great app for mechanical or civil engineering student! This could be a good way to check your statics problems in homework or work.

Great tool

Great ap, really forward thinking, its a great tool for getting a rough order magnitude before going in with heavier software. When I looked at the reports, had flashbacks to mechanics of solids/structural analysis. If this is what smaller front end software can bring us, bring more!

I cant believe its free!

I have been really happy with this app and Ive not been disappointed by any locked feature that I wanted to use.


easy to use and very powerful for such a small device, great job!

Great supplement

This tool is great for any one looking to understand force interactions over simple and some some complex systems. I use it regularly to supplement structural analysis problems. Very simple and easy to use use. The report tool is amazing. It shows shear/moment diagrams for every member and accurately determines internal forces. If you are an engineering student, you must get this app! It does have minor problems involving memory warnings,even when plenty of memory is available, but they are sporadic and hardly noticeable. It also fails to readily show reactions as components in the x,y coordinates, which proves troublesome. Large complex systems can cause crashes, so be careful of that also. Overall a great and very useful/helpful app!


A great teaser for their money making programs. Would be much better if you could duplicate your basic designs and save several versions with different loads or geometries for comparison.


Very Nice , its willy work

Great tool of statics principle

Understanding and implementing the knowledge of mechanics of materials couldnt be easier with this software. Its first necessary to use the principles of statics to determine the forces acting on members. Its edifying!

Great app

Im not an engineer yet but this is a great starting point to mess around with to figure out how things work. Plus I can really see how this would help once you are an engineer. Not a fan of the crashing though, but it doesnt happen often.

Very helpful

Application worked perfect with my projects... Love it! CE student at Rutgers University, NJ

Force Effect

Good product: prevents subtle errors (over constrained, unit errors, math errors), graphical report is good, works well with photos/sketching. Difficult to build symmetric structures, a mirror function and orthogonal construction tool would both be helpful.